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“Knockout” is Skyler DiMora-Franklin (guitar, vocals), Damian Whittaker (drums, vocals), and Justice Azcarate (bass, vocals). Photos courtesy of “Knockout.”

I’m super excited to post this interview and share “New Generation”– a song off of Knockout’s upcoming album release, “Runaway.” !!! OUT DEC 21st !!!
Per the band, “the album has 15 tracks and is a banger.” 🤘

Check out their just released music video for “New Generation” and read on!

Video created by Michael Szeman.

Lead singer, Skyler, and I had a lovely FaceTime chat the other week; in true almost-fourty-year-old-form, I screwed up and didn’t catch the audio – doh!

I’m super bummed because Skyler had some great stories and insight into what life is like for teens today. I embedded the interview video at the bottom of this post in case there are any lip readers out there. Feel free to transcribe and send to me. 😜

Thankfully, Damian and Justice took time to respond to my questions via text – thanks guys – all of you!

“Knockout” are teen band winners of the SAMMIES Sacramento Music Award 2018. [L-R: Justice, Damian, Skyler] Photo courtesy of “Knockout.”]

Describe your music using three words and two emojis:

Knockout emoji1Knockout emoji 2

(I didn’t listen to punk as a teen so I don’t know much about the genre but if these guys were kicking it back in the day, I totally would have rocked out to their stuff! I hear elements of “The Beach Boys,” “The Pixies,” “Green Day,” and “Dashboard Confessional” in their music. I’m struck by their super tight performance and their harmonic layered vocals – solid.)

How does music fit into your lives? How does music –listening to and/or creating– relate to your sense of self? How does music relate to your mind wellness?

Music IS my life. Practically everything I do is somehow related to music. I’m always practicing, writing, and listening to music.

It helps put me at ease. It’s not easy for me to open up to a lot of people, and music helps me express the feelings and emotions I have built up in a healthy way. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have music as an outlet.

It’s all about expressing yourself. One of the best feelings in the world for me is someone telling me a song I wrote helped them in some way. That makes me happier than almost anything else. (Damian)

Music is a great get away from all the problems the world has to offer. Although it’s not the only outlet for me, it is one of the most common outlets I use to clear my head of serious family issues and/or common day to day issues. Music seems to be most effective when you are most sad. (Justice)

What do you think are the most difficult things teens are dealing with in your generation?

I feel like every generation of teenagers deal with this, but I feel like our opinions and feelings are brushed off and not taken seriously because we’re young. (Damian)

The most difficult thing teens deal with is the pressure of social media and all the negative things that circle within our generation these days. (Justice)

What do you think adults misunderstand most about teenagers?

Many adults group all teenagers together. If one kid or one group of kids get caught doing hardcore drugs, suddenly every kid in your school is a drug addict. Stuff like that.

And again, our opinions and feelings are swept under the rug because we’re young, but I think someone’s opinions and feelings matter equally, regardless of what age they are. (Damian)

Parents mostly don’t understand it’s a new era. Parents need to attempt to adapt to the “new generation” of technology that they never had when they were young adults. (Justice)

New song: “New Generation”

What’s the background of your song, “New Generation”? What inspired it? Who are you referring to as the “new generation”?

The “new generation” we’re referring to is our own. Obviously not everyone is a moron, but some people that I encounter just make me ashamed to be associated with, as far as being grouped with them in the same generation. (Damian)

What are some of the “shitty trends” you refer to in the lyrics?

I’m just not a fan of trends to begin with just because I don’t like hopping on bandwagons, and most trends are that exactly. (Damian)

If you were to write a follow-up song about what you think needs to happen to counter the new generation’s “stupidity,” what would some of your lyrics be?

I would just focus on how people should open their eyes. Often times people act without thinking, and if they took more time to think rationally, they’d be a lot smarter. I’m guilty of it too. Everyone in the band is. Everyone in the world is.

We’re human, we make mistakes and do stupid things, but if we can emphasize the importance of thinking rationally, we wouldn’t have to write as many songs about the stupidity of our generation. (Damian)

“New Generation” Lyrics

I can’t seem to see past your point of view.

All these shitty trends are like gum stuck to my shoe.

People are just getting worse.
Stupidity must be a curse.
Things are just getting worse.

I want a way from this new generation.

Seeing my reflection through a broken mirror in a bathroom stall.
Another fire alarm is set off in the sophomore hall.

This room is getting hotter and hotter like pins against my skin.
Now I’m asking myself, “How much more of this can I stand?”

In another century this will fall.
And no one there will remember us at all.

Things are just getting worse.
I want a way from this new generation.

I want away! I want away!

I want away from this new generation!

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Check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud.

Can you read lips?!

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